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Welcome to RWS Moravia

The first step to become part of our pool of collaborators is to clearly identify what kind of entity you will have in our system. We have three options and you will have to select one.
“Private individual”, “Freelancer” or “Company”

  • A “Private Individual” is an individual without a legal corporate entity and does not have a VAT number. A “Private Individual” doesn’t issue any invoice.
  • A “Freelancer” possesses a business license that allows him to invoice aboard and usually has a VAT number.
  • A “Company” if you represent or you are working for a company in the Localization/Translation industry.  

If you are not sure which one you are or not familiar with these terms, most likely you are a “Private individual”.

Private Individual

I am individual without a legal corporate entity.


I am the sole employee of a legal corporate entity.


I am representing a language company with multiple resources.